Monday, July 30, 2007


yes, for all you readers just hanging out to see if I got those assignments done, well, I won't keep you in suspense any more.
yes. All done. I now have a Certificate iv in Youth and Community Work (Christian).
After graduation, I had about three hours off before getting involved in the Poatina Artists retreat. I spent a couple of days helping to make large puppets for use in festivals, with an eye at the Beijing Olympics. Before that had even finished I begun learning the stuff I needed to go on for the Diploma. This was more days in class, and any spare time making puppets, including a larger version of my 'fish-on-a-stick'.
Then came the week-long Foundations Course - How to Live With God, With Others and With Yourself. Very good course, well worth doing, its twice a year in Poatina and people come from right across Australia, and also the world (though not so many of them...). An extra 200+ people in the village and then we finished it with an open day. That was a festival where another 429 people (I know, I counted them) came to our remote
little village and appeared to have a really nice day in the winter sun.
No rest, because straight after Foundations week, we started Diploma 'intensives' - classes from 9am til 9pm for two weeks.
This is why I haven't done much blogging in the last 6 weeks.
Now I am in Melbourne, having some holiday time, before I move up to Brisbane to do my placement in the Fusion centre there.

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