Sunday, August 08, 2004

no need for a comment. just couldn't help it. We used this the last time we did karaoke at youth group. It was fun, so we do it again this friday. Posted by Hello
Just tried to use my 'hello' program - thats the thing that puts pictures into this blog, but it 'failed to initialize' and tells me I will need to reload it. And I've only used it twice!!! Is that value for money? Actually it's a free program, and was very cool while it lasted.
Just come home from a weekend on Phillip Island with the boys. It's the first time I've been out of Melbourne since Daniela went back to Germany two and a half years ago...
Anyway, me and nine other guys from my church went to a 'Men's Bible Convention' and although there was a lot of older guys there it was actually quite good. 192 salvo blokes from across Victoria, some of whom I knew, some I hadn't seen for years... The good thing is that there is a good solid core of young(ish) guys at my church who want to make a difference in our community, and are inspired to do something different, something new. How do you bring the good news of Jesus to that majority of people out there who need him, but are wary of the church as an institution, and suspicious of organised religion. Ironically, Jesus himself wasn't too thrilled with the religious people of his day (got up their collective noses far enough to be seen as a dangerous threat and deserving of execution...).