Tuesday, July 23, 2002

It's three years today since I met Daniela... i wonder how different my life would've been if that hadn't have happened.. How much of my German obsession is because of her?
Went close to setting a personal record for 'steeplechase'... Friday was FNC (friday night church) run by Boxhill Salvo's at Surrey Hills Salvos, Saturday was at Ringwood Salvos for the wedding of mr & mrs space, and Sunday, One service and a sing-a-long at Ferntree Gully Salvo's, MSB at the night Sevice at Waverley Salvo's, then a fairly punky Divy Youth Crush run by Rowville salvo's... I could've done even better than this if I went to Waverley Salvos on Saturday night for the MSB concert, I could've gone somewhere else on Sunday night, maybe Mooroolbark salvos or, ahem, Ashburton Baptists!

Saturday, July 20, 2002

hehehe, I'm not still in Guben, was only there for two weeks! As I said, I'm tired. I will not confuse you any further...
oh yes, its three years yesterday since I arrived in Guben... nice town, if you like 50% unemployment and neo-nazis...
Dear avid Honzablog reader.. eek! my 'puter went *ping* and stopped working for a week.. but alles gut now! (its amazing what a difference a new motherboard can make to a dead 'puter...). Now, if only I had things to say...
Today I saw Space get married. It was his second time. His last wedding was last week in Canada... That's on the other side of the world, but that's where Mrs Space hails from... Anyway, they are not living in Oz OR Canada.... Estonia will be home for the Spaces.. and good on 'em... Nice Day for a White wedding!! Okay, it was a bit damp, but the guys all wore white suits, so the bride wasn't the only one.. hm.. I'm tired. my grammar is suffering I will not inflict any more Honzablog on you tonight! tata!

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Okay, nothing particularly german happened today, except when Nicholas, one of the young guys from church, tried some of his school-boy German on me. Hmmm... I taught him the term Kartoffel-Kopf. He will have fun with that one!
Just been checking out http://www.bookcrossing.com Interesting idea. You leave books laying about the place for others to pick up, read, and pass on. The books are registered on-line, and thereby can be tracked on their journey. Might give it a shot. Now, what books do I have to give away...?

Saturday, July 06, 2002

July 6th Always a significant date for me, and for travel.

On this day in 1998 I made a fairly epic journey. At 1:30am we got into George's van in Dunlo (Western PA) and drove to Pittsburgh to catch a 6am flight to JFK (New York) in an American Eagles airline SAAB 340 (that's quite a small plane...). From there an American Air 757 to Miami. At Miami airport the flags of many nations were displayed, but no Australian flags... At 4:30pm it was on a 727 to Kingston, Jamaica, where we arrived shortly after sunset. From there it was a 3 hour drive on windy narrow blue mountain roads in a Christian Services International Mazda van to Port Antonio in the north of the country (good thing it was dark and we couldn't see the precipitous drops...). Definitely bed time when we finally arrived...

On this day in 1999 we left Singapore at midnight on a Lufthansa Jumbo to Frankfurt. (on the previous day we went from Geelong to Melbourne in a Salvation Army Mazda van and caught a Singapore Airlines flight to Singapore) About 12 hours later at around 6 in the morning we arrived in Frankfurt, and one hour later we were leaving for Prague in an A320-200 Airbus. Just a one hour flight this time, we were picked up at the airport by an Armada Spasy Mazda van and taken to the top end of the city. By now it was 9am. We had till 5pm to walk through the streets of the most scenic city in Central Europe and find the Praha Hlavny Nadrazy (main Station). We weren't expecting temperatures of over 30 deg in Prague, so we were tired and hot, but excited to be there. The Skoda train took us across the length of the Czech countryside and we got off at last in Ostrava in the eastern edge of the country. We were picked up by the Armada Spasy in their mazda van, a nine seater, it needed two trips. By the time we had much needed showers it was midnight and bed time

On this day in 2000 I was in Sydney for the Hillsong conference and being transported about the place in Ringwood Salvo's Mazda van. We were also being transported through the medium of Praise and Worship music into the very throne room of God.

On this day in 2001 I was preparing to fly to Hillsong in Sydney, took the day off work, can't work on the 6th of July, afterall! I think I went for a bit of a drive to feel in travel mode...

And so July 6th 2002 what shall I do? Too poor to get an international flight, too disorganised to get to Hillsong, too scared of the rain to go for a walk... at least I don't have to scam a day off work, as it's SATURDAY!!! Still, should go do something...

En-route to Africa Mr. Howard pops into Athens (the only city in the world with more greeks than Melbourne, apparently...) to get chummy with the Greek PM. He tells him that Australians want the English to hand back the Elgin Marbles, as he told his very good friend Tony Blair a couple of months ago... I just saw the Steve Martin movie 'My Blue Heaven', I think if Rick Moranis went bald, he'd look like our John Howard. Of course, Moranis would have to take a course in nerdiness.

Friday, July 05, 2002

Our Prime Minister little (I don't know why everyone calls him this, He's not really THAT short...) Johnny Howard has been visiting Berlin this week. Many thousands of other people are visting Berlin too, for the Love Parade, a huge Rave event. But Johnny will be in Afrika by the time the party starts, I really can't see him in his leopard print and leather rave shorts partying till dawn when there is a chance to get chummy with another world leader elsewhere. George Dubya and The German Chancellor are very special friends now, let's add to the set!

Thursday, July 04, 2002

July the fourth, the fourth of July. In 1998 (that was in a previous millenium) I spent the 4th day of July in the Western Pennsylvannian county of Cambria. There was much excitement, people gathered from miles around to watch fireworks at the mall car park near Johnstown. Such a big event to celebrate Independence Day, which is a fairly cheesy, but fun movie about alien invasion. Why do these movie Aliens always decide to invade Amerika? If I were an alien I think I'd pick somewhere a bit less obtrusive and gain a comfortable foot-hold. Somewhere large and isolated. Maybe Antarctica. Aliens never invade Antarctica. You think if they could cope with the cold and vast emptiness of outer space, they'd feel quite at home in Queen Maud Land. Or maybe they want a change from that, so they go to Amerika for the bright lights and movie stars, and the chance to blow things up with full media coverage....

Monday, July 01, 2002

On Sunday night, after Ringwood Salvo's eight o'clock church, I sat in front of a big screen in the main hall watching the Cup Final. On the other side of the world, at Korps Friedenau in Berlin something similar was happening. A big screen set up to watch the world game, the third best team in South America playing the fourth best European to see who would be best in the world. And the result is history. If winners are grinners, you saw a lot more Brazilian teeth. But still the German team could still be winners if they ask some of the Brazillian team to explain their T-shirts (I allude to the Jesus Loves You shirts). They could also ask those at Ringwood corps with their big screen (where all but I was supporting Brazil) or those at Korps Friedenau with their big screen. They all understood the Brazillian shirts. They know the reality of the love of Jesus and know that even if you come second in a World Cup (or not even GET there, 2006 Australia!), you can be a winner