Friday, March 04, 2005

actually THIS is the movie poster of which I speak... Posted by Hello

Movie poster that explores the myth that Elephants are afraid of mice...  Posted by Hello

Lollipop showing his snowboarding prowess. Do cats snowboard? hmmm. guess they do now! Picture from the Winter party room. Posted by Hello

its all up in the air, but i have been neglecting my blogging to daub paint on walls in the far off nether regions of Narre Warren Posted by Hello

snow bunny at lollipop's winter wonderland Posted by Hello

lollipop the cat, mascot of Lollipops play centre, enjoying a day at the beach... Posted by Hello

surfie elephant. One of the characters I have painted on the walls of party rooms at "Lollipop's" indoor play centre at Narre Warren  Posted by Hello