Saturday, April 22, 2006

illofri - another Robot: Rainbot

I nearly forgot I did this - and it fits the topic pretty well I think! I mean, it IS a robot! Rainbot's job is to water the last flower in the desert, and is delighted one day to discover a butterfly.
I think this is the very first illo I did on computer. A scanned pencil sketch coloured in Corel painter 5. That might date it!


justjohanna said...

how interesting. this reminds me of a character i once saw for designed for a video game that never quite made it to production (the whole game, not just the character). nicely done.

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

This has a very sci-fi feel to it. I could very easily see this on the cover of a sci-fi anthology.

Honza said...

hmmm... maybe it was Corel 3... Anyway, if i had the time (or a fat commission!) I wouldn't mind re-doing this one.

but then again I already have too many unfinished things lying around the place!

Joe said...

Great concept! Have a good week!

Abbie said...

I think both entries are fabulous!! Great images!
:) Abbie