Saturday, October 22, 2005

Way back in the early part of the year, we did the '40 days of purpose' series at my church. We spent a few weeks looking at what it was to have a 'purpose driven Life' and looked at biblical principals and such. Interesting. I was asked to contribute 'spots' in the service each week to illustrate that week's theme. one week, when the theme was to do with the church being a community, a real family. It's one thing the church offers to the lonely of the world. True friendship. Or we should!!! Anyhoo, I whipped up an animation in less than a week in my after-work hours when I wasn't off playing volleyball or cricket or such like. It seemed well received, so I've put it on my animation site.
Check it out. The voice (and beard) of the preacher are from Danny Parkinson (our preacher), and funny voices by me...
Anyway, the purpose of life is to discover what will make God smile at you and to do that.
Incredible! No sooner than I post my previous blog but I get an almost instantaneous comment reply! Started off as from my friend Anonymous, but they sign there name 'Tiffany Burrel' at the end. She seems to think there is money to be made in blogging. She even provided a link to a free book. I sense Irony...
wow! i feel there are people out there who find this page! i got 4 (four!!) comments to my previous post! But guys, if you do comment, don't be quite soooooo generic in your comments or i might think that you hadn't even glanced at the contents, and where just doing it to get your personal site visited. That would be cynical of me to think this way, I refuse to. There is quite enough professional cynicism in the world at the moment without me trying to add my amatuer attempts! Constructive comment I don't mind, but I'm not sure if the guy who wrote the following even glanced at all at what I blogged...

'Awesome Site

I like your blog. It really cuts straight to the point.
Great people in here. You guys have helped me greatly. I can't thankyou enough.

Come visit my site. It deals with....'

I mean, if anything I tend not to 'cut to the point' (except while playing cricket, except even then I cut backward of point...), preferring to beat around the bush a bit. And the 'you guys..' is just me, moi, ich... If I have wronged you, 'Anonymous' or, the other guy, co-incidentally call 'Anonymous', who also is apparantly into this sort of game, please forgive me.
Actually i should thank you.
I probably don't rant enough!