Friday, September 29, 2006

When I'm calling you...oo oo ooo, oo oo ooooh

Last Saturday I went to ACC (Agressive Christianity Councils) (here's a report). Our new leader in this half of Australia, Commissioner James Knaggs, spoke of our need to go Deeper and Wider, ie, Deeper into God's love, and then, spread His love wider... As an example of wider, he discussed various places in the World where the Army needs people to go. The first place he spoke about was Germany.
Why is it always Germany? The place haunts me...
Anyway, here is a doodle I did at ACC. Might make a nice tattoo! Anyway, it's based on the old Salvo motto of Blood and Fire. I might do a colour version soon. I did a version based on the Red Shield as an idea for a T-shirt motif a while ago, but there were issues with using the red Shield.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

illustration Friday - Phobia

Phobias... Irrational fears, that's this week's Illustration friday topic. In this picture we see a character with a dilemma. She has to face her phobias. She has to decide which is a phobia and which is a reasonable fear. She has to face heights, fire, trust that the firemen will catch her, and the elephantine fear of mice... what to do, what to do? Place yourself in her oversizes fluffy slippers and tell me what happens next!

The house is in Friedenau in sth west Berlin, and has been treated to look less photographic and retouched to remove excess cars and trees and add fire in Photoshop . The drawings were scanned into Flash, vectored and tidied up there before being added to the Photoshop file...

No houses or mice were harmed in the production of this illo!

hmm... mouse, house, why not mice and hice?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I still live!

Yup, it's been a while since I posted. No real excuses. Not really...
Anyway, I still move and live and have my being. I'm busy making other plans as life continues to happen to me, blood still courses my veins, and the odd thought still occassionally flickers across the vast alleged emptiness between my ears.
However, those times when I am high on inspiration I am low on computer time, and strangely enough, times when I do sit at my computer (like now) nothing of lasting literary, philosophical or artistic merit appears.
And you can't force that out. Neither can you just wait until you get inspired...
So, may I suggest you look at Lynette's blog from Newfoundland, she's always good value, and look also at the blogs by Jenn and Tez, two of my favourite Pennsylvanians. Links on the right. (that might confuse any German reader, but everyone else should work it out!)

Be sure to pop back here on the off-chance I have posted something new. Any gems will be treasured mainly for their rarity value.