Tuesday, January 30, 2007

1st day of school

Well, it's the first formal day of school, and already I've learnt so much. We've had a couple of days of orientation, and before that a week of Foundations, where there were about 300 extra people in town, or so it seemed. It's a lot quieter now.

Anyway, the online access place is only open for a short time each day and there are people who want to check their emails. Unfortunately I have problems with checking mine, so if you are expecting me to answer your email, I can't right now, 'cos I haven't read it... expect to get something sorted soon!

Like to get some photos here, maybe next time...

see ya!

Monday, January 22, 2007

here and now

Well, I've been in this town since thursday and sooooooooo much has been going on. Just to let you know I'm still alive and it's al really good! Catch up when I have more time!!
At the moment access is a bit scarce, and there's so much to say but, it's all good.
Nice town, this.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ch ch ch changes

Yes, a new look Honzablog. But then, changes is all around, as regular readers will no doubt be aware! In 2 days time I will be on my way to a new adventure, a new life in Tasmania. What's in store? God only knows... I mean, I think that this was his idea!
Anyhow, watch this space!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

recent trends in white goods design

Whilst sifting through my junk I came across these old sketches of a brilliant idea I once had.

I think at the time, potbelly stoves were quite big (as in popularity, not in their physical dimensions.)

So I thought I would apply the potbelly principal to other household appliances. I looked no further than the humble refrigerator.
I though everyone could use a pot bellied fridge!

Rebelling against the notion that white goods had to be white I did my first sketch in potbelly pink. This led to the blue singlet version with the workboot feet, and a sort of eighties paint job on the body.

The more astute reader will of course realise I have these two pictures in the wrong order. The rest of you be assured there is nothing wrong with your eyes. Well, nothing that Honzablog has caused!

Following this came a more definitive Australian themed version, complete with a green and gold body with stylized kangaroos, Aussie flag, the ubiquitous blue singlet motif, and to finish it off, wearing thongs... oh, for non-Australians, read 'Flip-Flops...' (ooh that can be embarrassing!)

Of course the great thing about the potbellied fridge is all that extra storage space in the door! WOW!

I'm not sure how this feature would suit the dieter, so much more food can be stored.

Although, on the other hand, generously girthed individuals might find reaching the handle quite a challenge...

PS: for illustration Friday readers! This is your actual peice of Industrial Design concept Sketching what I did back in the eighties (when I was a mere toddler...), And it is kind of a coincidental incident that I upload this two days BEFORE the eighties topic is announced. I even mention in the original text that the design is eighties style. Not quite a Memphis fridge, but the colours would do...

Monday, January 01, 2007

All is Quiet...

on New Year's Day.

Not much to report except how easy it is to find alternatives to packing!!! These dodgy photos show Mr Clayton with his bass, and Mr The Edge and Mr Bono.

I shall stop blogging now...