Sunday, June 27, 2004

this is basically the motto of the Salvation Army, symbolising the Blood of Jesus and the Fire of the Holy Spirit. Something I'm playing with in photoshop... Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 26, 2004

It's an angel wot I made. you can see more of this stuff at Angels in the Architecture. check out the links section. Well, the exciting new world of photo blogging! lets see how long before the novelty wears off! Posted by Hello

yep, it's me and murray Checking out banana graffiti in Dresden in 1999. In old east germany. bananas were a symbol of the decadent west, they were exotic fruit that just weren't available in the worker's paradise. Pity because Murray tells me that not only are they yummy, but full of Potassiumy goodness! Posted by Hello
I just wanna post but it wont let me...
then i just wanna add to promote my new Angels in the Architecture site, but things are running slow at the mo..
It's been a long time. Tooo long. Eons. Ages. Civilisations have risen and fallen. Things that were stylish became daggy, then totally uncool, then forgotten, then retro-chic, then forgotten again, and are now new-style trendy! And I have created a new website. Check it out, if you will. You can find it at look especially at the Angels in the Architecture bit. Thats at Cheers