Friday, May 12, 2006

Angels & Demons

Ok, here's the scenario, in this idea for an automaton, as you turn the handle, the ratbaggy, scruffy little angel grabs the guy's ear and jumps up and down and wave's his arms trying to get his attention. There is much good that needs doing in the world, wrongs that need to be righted, evil to be stood up against. Just as he gets the attention of the man, ol' Nick, the pious demon gives the guy a surreptitious little jab in the neck with his trident to distract him. 'Don't make waves', he says, 'What would the neighbours think?'

Martin Niemoeller wrote:

When the Nazis came for the Communists
I was silent
I wasn't a communist
When the Nazis came for the Social Democrats
I was silent
I wasn't a Social Democrat
When the Nazis came for the trade Unionists
I was silent
I wasn't a Trade Unionist
When the Nazis came for the Jews
I was silent
I wasn't a Jew
When the Nazis came for me
There was no one left
to protest


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Rrramone said...

Love your post, words and art!

scribblesk said...

And the epic battle ensues! Love the bearded chunky angel!