Sunday, May 07, 2006

The world game

On 1st July 2002, I blogged on watching the World Cup final in Melbourne while other friends were watching the same game (Brazil vs Germany) in Berlin. In slightly less than 1 month's time I will BE in Germany for the World Cup!!! This is kind of incredible, because, although I really want to go to Germany, and for the last 4 years thought the World Cup would be a good time to be there, I didn't do much more than to casually look into it.
At the back of my mind, during my time at the Commonwealth Games with the 'More Than Gold' team, I thought it would be pretty good if I could do similar things at the World Cup. As it was I heard about the work Fusion were doing at the Games, and heard they were planning on going to Germany. I made a couple of casual inquiries, and now, the rest will soon be history!
A bit from their website : Germany World Cup Outreach Arrive in Germany Sunday 4th June 2006 for 4 days of training across the country in readiness for the Opening Night on Friday June 9th 2006. The next week we will be supporting local Christians across Germany when they are running "Open Crowd" Festivals in their cities. Most of the team will return on 18th of June. Click here for Fusion's KickOff Brochure
I will stay on for an extra few days to catch up with my German friends and help out die Heilsarmee with there own World Cup outreach programs, or see if Fusion can use me for another day or so.
I feel God is calling me to do something in Germany, something perhaps more permanent than three weeks of Football festival, this is just another step in that direction. He will open doors when the time is right, and reveal what His plan is for me one step at a time. You don't always notice his leading at the time, but as you look back you can see patterns.
God has made me me for a reason, and has something for each of us to do. The Fusion mix of Creativity and Germany seems a good fit for me for June.
After that, only God knows...

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