Saturday, April 29, 2006

Illofri - under the Sea

Deep in the sea where the Vicious Fishes swim...

For once I will present illustration Friday with an illustration I haven't done yet, instead of one I've had sitting around for ages!
Okay, well it's work in progress... As you see a gentleman has pulled his boat up on a small island and is indulging in a spot of fishing. Unfortunately his luck is out, and all he seems to be catching are old tyres and boots. Down below, 'Under the Sea', which is teeming with un-caught fish, mermaids are taking the opportunity to clean the ocean by putting old tyres and boots on his hook.
Sharp eyed viewers will eventaully also note that the 'island' is actually a very large fish who is wearing a potted palm as a disguise. 'oh er...' as they used to say in the old english comics!
The coloured mermaid is my neice Maddy who I have turned fishy. The actual artwork I am working on is in relief. I have carved the large fish background out of 6mm MDF using an NC routing machine, and painted in sea colours, eye and teeth carved into the substrate. The part I am working on now is creating lots of sea creatures on my computer, having them printed at a 1 hour photo place (matt finish), cutting them out (leaving a black outline), curving and shaping them, and mounting them on little bits of wire to float out from the back ground. Both my two neices are to be mermaids (it's a picture I am making for them), and maybe their daddy will be the fishing man. This is a technique I am experimenting a bit with at the moment. I don't know how well the finished item will photograph, but it should look good live!


V.K. said...

yeah! I like sketchbook stuff - this is great. I like your art a lot - you left me a message on a guestmap and I just now read it...thanks for stopping by...for spotting spot on illo friday! I like your robot too, it reminds me of the illustrations for the cover of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. cheers.

Honza said...

Now, if I can find a generous art director who likes my stuff a lot, well, would that be great!
thank you for kind words.