Friday, April 21, 2006

Illustration Friday - Robots!

Today's illo (subject - robots) comes with a poem...

He looked across the crowded room,
Her radiance struck his eye,
Love's arrow struck within his heart...
But he wasn't supposed to DIE!

The power surged, the sparks: they arced.
One glance, and he was dead.
The Doctor came and saw the scene
"ELECTROCUPID", he said.

To see this idea modelled in relief in brass and aluminium, check out my Angels in the Architecture site.


heart-;ess said...

aww thats neat ^_^

MsDabble said...

Nice detail. Coincidentally, I did an angel robot too.

Marie-Dom said...

WOW! Love the detail and the poem. great imagination!

Princess Pepper Cloud said...

wonderful drawing and story