Tuesday, June 25, 2002

The World Cup We're getting down to the sharp end now, and can you believe that South Korea are still there? Everyone seems to be jumping onto the South Korea Bandwagon. I think most people in this country want to see them beat Germany. Germany who have won the cup three times before, Germany who are a major power of World Fußball, Germany who are the most boring team in the whole competition, Germany who have been a bit off their game for awhile now, but still do just enough to win, Germany the team who score one goal, and then leave the rest of the game in the hands (I don't mean that literally...) of their defenders versus the New Kids On The Block, the exciting and refreshing Koreans...

I'm supporting Germany.

SBS isn't showing the game tonight, it's one of the games the NINE Network grabbed, instead SBS are showing a movie in German. I don't know why, most of the German population will be watching the game!! I will too, but I might videotape (shh, its for my own personal use) the movie anyway. It may help me in my quest to learn a bit of the German language. So what is this obsession with all things German I am developing? What can it mean? Is God giving me a 'heart' for the country? Am I being called to serve Him there? Or is it because a certain young lady lives there... It's something I need to pray about, certainly.

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