Saturday, June 22, 2002

The blog. Long have I thought of doing this, long have I put it off, now, on a cold and damp saturday night, I, Honza, am sticking my thoughts up onto the Net for all (or those so inclined) to see. So who am I? I guess introductions are in order. Mein name ist John aber Ich heise Honza. Honza is the Czech form of John. I spent a couple of wonderful weeks back in '99 (that was a previous millenia) with eight wonderful young women who discovered that 2 out of every three guys they met was called 'Honza', so, I too became a Honza. I don't live in the Czech Republic, wondrous though it is. I live in Melbourne, the one in Australia, not Florida, and dream of the day when my bank balance recovers enough to let me travel again and see more of God's wonderful world.
Bits of the world I have seen include the Czech Republic (of course), mainly around the Ostrava region; Germany, especially Guben and Berlin; Jamaica especially around Port Antonio and Fruitful Vale; Western Pennsylvania, Cambria county mainly; New Zealand but that was back in 1987; and most of Australia. I have also seen airports in Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, M√ľnchen, New York, Miami, Prague, Dubai and a few other out of the way places...
If you want to see more of my travels from the viewpoint of my Gorilla travelling partner, feel free to check out
Murray's World
Okay, here goes nuttin'! I am now going to push the 'post' button and see what happens....

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