Monday, February 10, 2014

Prehistoric Hygiene

When I saw that the Illustration Friday topic for this week was 'Prehistoric', it  (and a rainy summer weekend) gave me the push I needed to put this little guy together. This is a prototype for an idea I have had for a while (since having to draw 'floss' in a game of Draw Something), and when I work out a simple enough mechanism, Rex here will become an articulated automaton; when you turn the handle, he will vigorously floss his teeth.

 He was cut from offcuts of mounting board and painted with acrylics. the actual teeth were cut from the lid of a margarine container, and the dental floss was simulated by using a piece of dental floss!

Its a little known fact that the dinosaurs were wiped out entirely by a virulent gum disease, something which could've been easily prevented by daily flossing. After all, as a class they have such lovely teeth, and it would be a shame not to look after them! 

And anyway, a T-rex's short little arms aren't much use for anything else!

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deer prudence said...

So the mystery of the T-Rex arms is finally solved! Funny ides and a cool figure.