Monday, July 09, 2012

Suspend - Contraption iv

Suspended Seventeen Stories above the Street, the Spider man serenades his sweetheart with his Sack-but.

Illustration Friday old-timers may remember the contraptions topic of last year. I submitted two illo's for that, firstly of a mechanical butterfly , still my most visited post, followed by some sketches for this idea, including the background story of a man and his Arachnoflyvver. In that post I mentioned I had actually made a model at some point of the device, an eight legged mechanical abseiling device which actually worked, but had got lost somewhere along the the line.

Well, a month or so back I found that model, fixed it up a bit, made some scenery, and then photographed it and videoed it in action. You may find it here! Check it out, it's a bit of fun! In fact it was the last post I did. Been a bit slack lately (although I have been making a model of the mechanical butterfly mentioned above. Wait for that one!)

But now, this week's Illustration Friday topic is Suspend, and as the Arachnoflyvver is vehicle that relies on being suspended to work, it seemed imperative that I do an illustration of it. But yes, please check out my last post to see it in action.

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