Saturday, October 29, 2011


Haunted houses are supposed to be scary, aren't they? 

Not so, thought Eddie, I can stay in that one all night. I'm not scared of any ectoplasmic visitations!

 And as it was, that wasn't the problem, nor the thunderstorm, or the creaky doors and cob webs. Not even the cat that walked across the keyboard of the ancient pipe organ. 

No, it was the bats, plain and simple. 

No, wait, not bats, bats aren't scary.

 It was the mice. 

Mice, with hang gliders!

Or, if you prefer German: Fledermäuse, Nicht!! Fliegenmäuse mit Fallsegelflugzeugen! 

This is an elephant I sculpted out of paper, and painted a long time ago. But only today have I completed the haunted house and hang-gliding mice to put his terror in context. Elephants are apparently known for their fear of mice. What are you scared of?


Cindy D. said...

This is so cute and hilarious (not really scary, but that's ok!) Mice in hang gliders, that's awesome. On the other hand, elephants are really amazing and intelligent creatures and I hate to see the mice picking on him. He has a lovely suit.

amanda said...

Brilliant! There's genuine fear in that elephant's eyes! And I agree, his suit is fantastic - a sharp dresser!