Monday, March 14, 2011

IF - Warning

This is a piece that really speaks to me. Notice the artist's use of bold colours and composition; the way that the raw meaning of the words is subsumed in the context of the dichotomy of the post-modern other as he tries to catch the zeitgeist of mundane everyday reality yet inject some whimsical, phantasy to instill in us a sense of urgency, even, impending doom. Yes, this artist has something very profound that he is trying to communicate with us, and I think has succeeded admirably.

Illustration Friday is a weekly challenge where readers are asked to come up with an illustration inspired by the word of the week. Last week's word was warning. note, I said LAST week's word... yup, I'm a few days late to post this. This week's word is stir. I might have something here in three weeks for that! Or maybe not.
Alternative idea was also a sign -
This Sign has SHARP EDGES!
(Also, the Bridge is out...)

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Honza said...

Obviously these two gentlemen are CULTIVATING a love of CULTURE in each other as they discuss the CULTURAL significance of the artwork before them. I hope they appreciate the sound of a piano, but I'm sure they do...