Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Uluru 09

yes, it is time for another update to this rather infrequent blog...
Just this morning I arrived back in Brisbane after around 7800km in a bus with 60 or so young people and their leaders for an 8 day pilgrimage to Uluru.
On the way we stopped in Peterborough Sth Australia for lunch. I used to live in Peterborough when I was in grade 4, in fact, here is a photo of my old house. That was my bedroom window on the left. There used to be an almond tree outside that window, and a water tank, whose bottom rusted out just after we arrived and we couldn't have fresh rain water to drink. We had to drink town water which needed to be filtered and boiled before it was consumable as we waited for the rain to fall...
At Peterborough we had a locust plague and I remember the air thick with them, us kids spending school lunch times seeing how many we could catch in our lunch boxes. It was where I had my first crush - Jacquie Adams - prettiest girl in class, and it's where Allan walked into a Stobie pole and still carries a scar.
It's also where, in the little Salvation Army Hall next door where I as an 8 year old gave my heart to the Lord. It's where I became a junior Soldier in the Salvation Army.
Ah, memories... but an hour or so in Peterborough wasn't the only thing that happened in the last week or two but that can wait for another blog.

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