Monday, February 19, 2007


Just a short note to say hi. Last week we started our look in Ecclesiastes (All is Meaningless..) and Victor Frankl's reflections on his life as an Auschwitz resident (Man's Search for Meaning). It's interesting to see how all these things tie in with each other. Even having just studied James, and before that, Haggai we are making all these wonderful connections.
Speaking about making connections, here is young Tim, from Tasmania discovering the meaninglessness of Human Flight, and about to make connections with the deep end of the Poatina Pool...
Life's pretty good here, don't have much time to get bored. Just been for a walk down to the creek through the bush with Sara, my Thessalonikan class-mate, and Layne, a young guy from Broken Hill, via Adelaide.
I have a great group of guys in my class, unusually for this course, two thirds are male, but all excellent people, including three Greeks (one half English, one half German) and three Ghanaians (all African!) and assorted Aussies.
More photos soon!

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