Friday, September 29, 2006

When I'm calling you...oo oo ooo, oo oo ooooh

Last Saturday I went to ACC (Agressive Christianity Councils) (here's a report). Our new leader in this half of Australia, Commissioner James Knaggs, spoke of our need to go Deeper and Wider, ie, Deeper into God's love, and then, spread His love wider... As an example of wider, he discussed various places in the World where the Army needs people to go. The first place he spoke about was Germany.
Why is it always Germany? The place haunts me...
Anyway, here is a doodle I did at ACC. Might make a nice tattoo! Anyway, it's based on the old Salvo motto of Blood and Fire. I might do a colour version soon. I did a version based on the Red Shield as an idea for a T-shirt motif a while ago, but there were issues with using the red Shield.


Fiery prophet said...

Kool design - luv it!

U should post others!

ACC was the best! Go TC!

Honza said...

thanks fiery! actually trying an animated version of it at the moment. Watch this space... but don't hold your breath!

Jenn said...

Scott would so love to have that tatoo!