Saturday, February 11, 2006

Further Adventures in the Romanian Underworld

Well, dear reader, it's time to delve deeper into the Romanian Underworld.
There is a TV commercial here where a young man walks into a book shop and asks for a book called Adventures in the Romanian Underworld. The whole set-up made the book sound intriguing, and so I googled for it. And I found, after blogging on about my thoughts, I was not the only one. Several other people also found it intriguing enough to google. Some of them found my way to my blog, and left their cards under my door. Thank you very much!
For more on this, check out my blogs of Jan 17 (the Omniscience of Google?) and my original blog on the subject (Adventures in the Romanian Underworld) on Jan 10.
Anyway, I was thinking that the bank in question has missed an opportunity to get their message across! In the ad, various people come into the man's cosy bookshop (that apparently also has a cafe, but we don't see this...), and ask to buy certain titles. A woman asks for something something Italiano il Grande (I don't quite catch what she says, help me out!), and receives it, the young guy asks for Adventures in the Romanian Underworld, and gets it. A third man says 'I want to buy Your Business.'
The bookseller says he doesn't have that title, and the man says 'no, I want to buy your Business!'
The bookseller's eyebrows hesitate, then shoot upwards in interest.
Then, the ad reveals what it's all about. Come into some unexpected money? Let us help you! We at the bank with our interest rates etc...
The stupid thing is, I'm not even sure which bank it is! My interest goes when banks start talking about interest! It might not even BE 'which bank'!
Anyway, I was thinking if the bank whipped up a fake website advertising, say, Adventures in the Romanian Underworld, professionally done to look convincing, they could easily get the hits my blog has got in the last few weeks. And then people like me would at least know Which Bank, or What Bank or Even Why Bank it is!
Look, it wouldn't cost them anything to do in terms of their Advertising budget!
In fact, I have done a sample for them. Check out this link, and let us know what you think...
Here it is, a fictional Bookshop/Cafe that I have chosen to call Literatte reviewing the Fictional Fiction Adventures in the Romanian Underworld!

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