Sunday, July 04, 2004

this is something i jotted down on the back of an old envelope a few years back. recently found it again and thought it would do as 'content' on this here Blog...

This present world is bound by a precise set of physical laws;
Energy is transfered, not lost;
Actions cause reactions;
What goes up, must come down;
bullets fly in straight lines and if you get in the way of any of it, you're gonna get hurt.

This laws keep order. If they couldn't be relied on;
Wheels wouldn't roll, Birds couldn't fly,
You'd miss your morning cuppa 'cos your kettle wouldn't boil;
and there'd be chaos afoot in the world.

Another law gives man free will. I am able to do whatever I like providing I accept the consequences. If I step off a tall building, I fall.
I discover the hardness of concrete, and the frailty of the human body.
Likewise if I fire a gun I must accept the responsibility that the bullet will damage whatever it comes in contact with.
Indeed this may be my intention.

God may want to protect the innocent by bending my bullets around them, but such protection breaks both the physical laws and the laws of free will.

No Physical laws = chaos.
No free will and we become mindless robots.

Therefore, don't blame God if a demon pulls the trigger.

Our responsibility is to use our free will, not for evil, but for niceness...

There ya go. It needs a little work, bit of a Maxwell Smart ending, and the Sovereignity of God needs more of a mention, but it's mostly correct!

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