Monday, July 01, 2002

On Sunday night, after Ringwood Salvo's eight o'clock church, I sat in front of a big screen in the main hall watching the Cup Final. On the other side of the world, at Korps Friedenau in Berlin something similar was happening. A big screen set up to watch the world game, the third best team in South America playing the fourth best European to see who would be best in the world. And the result is history. If winners are grinners, you saw a lot more Brazilian teeth. But still the German team could still be winners if they ask some of the Brazillian team to explain their T-shirts (I allude to the Jesus Loves You shirts). They could also ask those at Ringwood corps with their big screen (where all but I was supporting Brazil) or those at Korps Friedenau with their big screen. They all understood the Brazillian shirts. They know the reality of the love of Jesus and know that even if you come second in a World Cup (or not even GET there, 2006 Australia!), you can be a winner

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