Wednesday, January 18, 2012


  During the Saturday morning session of 'Faith and the Arts', Josie got up on stage and started painting an amazing portrait of Eric Ajaye, our bass man for the week. As she prepared to paint, she popped on an old shirt, and I was struck by the image of her 'putting on the mantle of an artist'. She had been inspiring me all week with her skills and her being challenged to paint in a much looser style. And as she painted, I did this sketch, also in a slightly looser style than I usually do, trying to capture some of her energy.

  But to paint like this, Josie had to do a certain amount of preparation, preparing her board, preparing her sketch outlines, most of all, preparing herself. As I say, putting on the mantle of an artist...

Definition of MANTLE

a : a loose sleeveless garment worn over other clothes :cloak
b : a figurative cloak symbolizing preeminence or authority, mantle of leadership 


Bron Smith said...

Very nice pencil drawing.

bcoops4 said...

I love your sketch book! B.