Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I've just glanced over the things I’ve done for Illustration Friday this last month or so. I hadn’t realised that there was such a variety of styles and techniques! Going backwards from here we have
  • ·         paper sculpture combined with carved MDF to create a kinetic artwork
  • ·         drawings done in Flash using only the shapes tools
  • ·         a cartoon done with a fineline pen and markers
  • ·         a cartoon cat scanned, vectorised and coloured in Flash
  • ·         a watercolour
  • ·         two photos and some drawn elements combined in photoshop
  • ·         a gouache painted paper sculpture mounted on a flash back ground
  • ·         another cartoon scanned and coloured in Flash
  • ·         my old blog header, done in photoshop, probably, with photo of my head which I traced and cartoonified, probably in Flash using my old Wacom tablet
  • ·         scan of my sketch pad with other graphic elements added
  • ·         fineline drawing
  • ·         google sketchup 3d graphics
  • ·         and a drawing done with a biro

I have a bunch of other vector drawing programs, but I still like the style that Flash mx gives me. But then, I guess I’m a little weird…

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