Sunday, November 05, 2006

forwards to the battle

Found this image in the 1935 Christmas Warcry (Australian Edition), and played with it a bit on my poor old 'puter, adding a touch of colour, etc.
Echos of Communist Proaganda posters in it's composition, but I like that about it.
What do you think, Fiery Prophet, whoever you are!


Fiery prophet said...

Intense - thought provoking

We need more of these!!!

How did you get hold of a 1935 Christmas War Cry???

Don't tell me you kept it! no it was your parents or grandparents? right?

All things salvo belongs to all salvos?
May I use this!

Honza said...

I found the War Cry in a second hand book shop in Philip Island. It was still there 6 months later when I returned so I bought it. I guess they are out there if you look around, but i wasn't expecting to find one!

All things salvo belongs to all salvos? That sounds almost as socialist as the image looks!!! What about the worker deserves his wages? Luke 10:7

Seriously I am sure we can come to some arrangement! ;) Get your people to speak to my people. What do you have in mind?

I am toying with doing a Flash presentation of the Army mission statement and using this for the 'raised up by God' bit. We have been featuring that in our meetings a bit this year. Need a cool funky soundtrack with lot's of samples and sound bites too. It might turn into a bigger project than I anticipated, but I was inspired by the Flash version of the Vision. see my previous blog and follow links...

Fiery prophet said...

Not sure where yet! There's a thought stirring! Will talk to my people!!!!!!!!

The flash version of 'the vision' is great ~ looking forward to using that some time in the future.

Our TC has recommenced his blog - - it may be worthwhile checking out.