Saturday, March 25, 2006

home again...

Well, I am home from the bustling hive that is Maryborough in central Victoria, and I am so glad to sleep in my own bed again. We had an amazing time running kidsgames for the local kids, as well as visiting Castlemaine and Bendigo and meeting great people there too! But my energy ran out just as the week did, and an early night would probably be a Good Thing.
There is the possibility that photos will appear here soon, and also that Murray will launch his own personal blog. It won't be as darkly serious as mine tends to get, but gorilla philosophy still can get quite deep y'know!
Yesterday I said goodbye to the guys in Maryborough, as well as the Bendigo and Castlemaine guys who also were involved. Today we had breakfast with the YWAM guys at their headquarters here in Melbourne, heard a few fantastic reports of what had been happening during the games here in Melbourne as well as a report from Matt about our adventures. Then we said goodbye to the YWAM guys from Adelaide. Tomorrow we go to the morning service at Carrum Downs Salvos (they also ran a kidsgames there), and a debriefing, and then I say goodbye to the SYL guys. They drive back to NSW on Monday.
A time of goodbyes. You spend one or two weeks working with and getting to know some really wonderful people. You make lots of new friends and learn a lot about yourself in the progress. And then you say goodbye, perhaps never to see them again.
But never is a long time, and as the YWAM people said, even if our paths don't cross again on this Earth, we will meet again in heaven.
And there are no goodbyes there.

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